June 3, 2008


The rain provides an uneven back beat on the living room skylight. Raindrops jump as they land on the glass patio table. I hear an occasional metallic ping as stray drops fall down the fireplace chimney. Lightning flashes in the twilight. It is nearly eleven in the morning. God bowls a gutter ball of thunder in the distance. I look out the window at the flowers bouncing in the wind. A 'you have new mail' pops on my screen. Work beckons. The 'fridge hums in the kitchen, the computer whirs near my feet. A dozen items occupy my brain. The rain comes down heavier now, almost a downpour as thunder again booms in the distance, felt more than heard. Each minute of rain decreases the chances of playing baseball tonight. The team needs the rest anyway, tonight's scheduled contest will be the fourth in five days. Rain is a steady pounding now. The thunder almost constant. The grass I mowed yesterday is a vibrant green. I hear the water cascading from the downspouts. There is little wind. Softer now, the rain is a steady shower. the thunder sounds like fireworks in the distance and I know I am blessed.

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