June 14, 2008

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The boy, the wife and I went to Cincinnati to see the Red Sox take on the Reds last night. I was thrilled -- Johnny Bench threw out the first pitch! He was my childhood hero. The boy got to see his beloved Red Sox in action, even though they lost. And after the game was an awesome fireworks show. Did I mention I dig fireworks? The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.In all, a great evening. Beer, peanuts, hot dog and baseball, what more could you want in entertainment?

Meanwhile (cue the voice of Ted Baxter from the Superfriends), it rained buckets again here at home. The oldest boy said it was a monsoon. His clothes and shoes ware completely soaked from working in the rain. He said he has never worked so hard in his life. I guess gamblers do not like walking in the rain and took great use of the valet parking at the casino. He was not yet home when I went to bed, I hope he made some good tips.

I guess I offended a fine veteran yesterday with my sarcastic rant about suing on behalf of German and Italian POWs. That was not my intention. It was sarcasm. Sorry.

No cartoon today, I bet you did not even notice. Thanks for your continued support.

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