June 13, 2008

Just thinking here boss

If I was a lawyer, I think I would be off to the EU to find me some Italian and Germans that spent time in Camp Atterbury and other POW camps here in the US. A class action suit on behalf of the victims and the surviving families just might be in order. After all, these poor people were likely conscripts and we held them prisoner with out recourse to their civil rights granted by the US Constitution. I think about a Million each is a good place to start...

One more time...Big oil makes around four or five CENTS per gallon of gas they sell. Certain members of Congress believe that is outrageous and want to punish the oil companies. The Federal Government makes EIGHTEEN CENTS for every gallon of gas sold. When are we going to punish those responsible for that kick in the consumer ass?

I really believe McCain is the lessor of evils in the next election, but every time he opens his mouth I want to vote for him less.

Can someone explain to me how every politician decries our dependence on foreign oil, yet prices have been souring for months and we still have not seen an emergency energy bill from anyone that would open up the oil-rich areas of this country for drilling? Why not?

I am really beginning to believe we are doomed as a nation, a great experiment destroyed from within. That thought depresses me. Even more depressing is the great number of people who cannot see it.

If you are not reading this guy, you should be. he will be added to the blogroll the next time I am in the old template.

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