June 20, 2008

You really got me now

The joke is on me, and I am man enough to admit it. I throw up a tongue-in-cheek post chastising my faithful readers and then fail to post anything for a few days. All I can say is that the overwhelming need to earn a paycheck kept me from the keyboard. Hell, I did not read any of your blogs either. So get out your Dymo LT-100H and tag me with a hypocrite label. I stand here with my head only slightly bowed asking a semi-heartfelt apology. That is the best you are going to get. Look at it this way; I got up at 6:00 am to post this.

Your abuse is worth it, 'cause I am awesome. By neglecting you it looks as if I am going to increase business at my third largest customer by some 40%. I will become their sole source. I will get a price increase to boot. We are talking multi-million account here peeps. More business at a higher price. If I get the contract signed it will be a real coup. Who is the pussy now?

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