September 26, 2008


So do you think it is a good thing the Government wants $700,000,000,000 or more (look at all of those zeroes)to bail out private businesses' bad decisions? This New New Deal will change Government forever.

What is amazing is that BOTH parties are at fault. The Republicans pushed for deregulation, and the Dems forced the banks et al.; to make bad loans. As usual, the Dems in charge made out like bandits, while crying about the money the executives made (yes Kids the leaders of those dysfunctional cousins Freddie and Fannie were Demos).

Here is a solution that will really work.

Supergurl turned me on to this and she is right -- call your Rep, Call your Senator.

If I lived in Illinois, I would be really, really pissed if my elected representative thought his political aspirations were far more important than actually representing them in what that candidate called "the most important economic issue of our time". I say that motherfucker is stealing $175,000 per year from the taxpayers. I think you should have to resign from the Senate, Governorship, etc. if you are going to run for higher office. The rest of us would get fired if we spent all day, every day looking for a better job instead of doing what we were hired for. What would your boss say if there was a big problem at work and you said, "well, call me if you need me"?

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