October 28, 2008

The ACORN weakens the mighty oak

It looks like ACORN is doing their thing here in Indiana, submitting false registrations. This left-leaning organization is under investigation in more than 20 states.

If you read the comments from the article you get the typical "The Repubs are just crying because they are losing" response. The potential for voter fraud should bother Americans of every stripe. There are some who believe their candidate was cheated in the past elections via voter fraud. I would think they would be shouting down ACORN's methods from every corner rather than taking the position "we are just getting some back".

Some of you will point out that Indiana requires a photo ID to vote. The State's tough law was upheld earlier this year in the Supreme Court. Democrats (and ACORN) vigorously fought the photo ID requirement. Some of the commenters on the article linked above felt that the photo ID law would prevent fraud from the many phony and multiple registrations.

Lets take a look at one Indiana citizen. I will call him Hoosierboy. From his home in Central Indiana, he can jump in the car and be in any of SEVEN counties in less than 20 minutes (including the one of his residence). The law says one must show a picture ID to vote. A passport will work. There is no address listed on a passport. Poll workers are to verify the identity of the voter, not the address. So, with little effort our intrepid voter can vote seven times for The Great and Powerful Obama! A quick consultation of the atlas indicates our fraudulent voter could hit a cool baker's dozen of counties with ease in the 12 hours the polls are open in Indiana. Vote early, and our fictional voter could cast a ballot in all 92 counties. Put five or six of his buddies in a van and we are casting some real votes for our Democratic ticket.

I am an upright, honest citizen. I take my right and responsibility to cast my ballot very seriously. If I can think of this, you bet those with nefarious intent have been doing it for years. Tell me again how ACORN is doing a good thing? Explain to me why the people of both parties are not indignant? Indiana is a little state. Take a gander at the hundreds of thousands of suspect registrations the Democratic Secretary of State in Ohio is ignoring and we have a serious problem.

Where is the outrage?

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