October 28, 2008

A final plea

The remote email system for work is down, so I have a bit of time to think. I am sitting here nibbling on some Armour Dried Beef slices and sipping a Dr Pepper. I look at my comments widget and jump over to Holoscan to read my comments from the past several weeks.

I see an amazing trend. My critics are quick to attack me and the commenters when they are offended. Political correctness run amok, as it were. That is OK, I welcome any input, and this is a 100% free speech blog. Some of the comments are offensive, some of my posts may be. With some comments I agree, others I do not.

The one thing I never see from those with a differing viewpoint is a rational discussion of the issues. I present a case for limited government and I get no discourse. I ask policy questions and challenge the followers of The Obama to give me reasons to vote for him and get platitudes and "he isn't Bush". With all respect, the fact that Obama had a tough life is no reason to vote for him. It sucks he was discriminated against. At least he wasn't put in a 6 x 6 cage and beaten regularly. That is a tough few years. Of course, that is no reason to vote for a candidate either. What are Obama's qualifications, what has he done, what will he do? Hope and Change is a slogan, not a policy stance. How is he going to pay for his promised tax cuts and the trillion plus in new spending he proposes? How do you account for the incredible history of poor choices in friends, advisers and mentors? Would you let your kids hang out with the likes of Rezko, Wright and Ayres?

Where are my critics regarding ACORN and voter fraud? Why do you think it is OK to tear down political signs of those who oppose you? Are you worried about our future when the press is more concerned with investigating an Ohio plumber than Obama's ties to a convicted felon? The press is supposed to safeguard our future, yet they cannot get past their bias to actually report the facts or ask the hard questions. As thinkers and journalists and Americans who believe in the Constitution how can you support a candidate that vows to bring back the so-called 'Fairness Doctrine'? Why is it that policy is only aimed at right-wing radio? I turn off the TV when Dan Rather comes on because I believe he is a fraud and a liar. You can do the same with Rush.

Does Obama support reparations? Is there anyone denied emergency care or basic health care? Do we need universal coverage? Some studies indicate 40-60% of those who do not have insurance are young workers who do not think the benefit is worth the cost. Can the Government provide health care more efficiently? What will be the ramifications of pulling out of Iraq before the war is done? Has dialogue worked in North Korea or Iran? Why shouldn't we drill our own oil reserves in addition to exploring alternate fuels (which will also take at least a decade to come to market)? How is a plan to redistribute wealth NOT socialism by another name? How will taxing business not result in inflation?

What do you think of this? What if it was Obama instead? (h/t onemansvote)

When it comes to actual political discourse I need a recording of crickets chirping. How about substantive dialog as opposed to platitudes?


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