October 10, 2008

Dear Obama supporters

Rather than endless fights over who did what to whom and which party screwed us all more, let us look at facts.

Promises are like flatulence, mostly they stink and few last long. Unless you are completely stupid you know the President cannot pass a single law. He cannot create jobs unless he owns a business. He can encourage Congress to do his bidding, but every President in history, could he talk, would only laugh at that notion. Can we agree on this?

Our only way to judge a candidate is not on his promises but his past. I challenge you to demonstrate where Mr. Obama has shown true leadership in his past. What businesses has he run? What executive position has he held? What committee hearings has he chaired? What legislation has he written and passed?

Absent any of those concrete demonstrations of his qualifications, who are his mentors, what philosophers and leaders has he quoted, has he emulated, has he served with? What organizations support him the closest? What church did he attend?

Mr. Obama has no military, or business or executive experience. He has no major legislative accomplishments (he did vote present a lot in Illinois. Thus we can only make assumptions of his political beliefs based on the past. His associations include William Ayres and unrepentant terrorist. The Reverend Wright, an avowed racist against Jews and Whites and a person whose own words do not convey a love of the United States.

Here is my challenge. Prove me wrong. Tell me why I should vote for this person. What in his past shows he is qualified to be President. Remember, promises do not count.

I bet I will hear nothing from my liberal friends...

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