October 15, 2008

Live blogging lunch time

Sinatra croons Moonlight in Vermont in the background as I put down my novel. It is about Marines in Korea.

I can smell my chicken pot pie baking in the oven. I have not had a Salisbury Steak TV dinner in weeks. There is one in the freezer, but it has no appeal. Maybe eating the same thing at least once a week for five or six years gets to you over time. The last can of Spam I fried was a bit off. Maybe it is me.

The sun filters through the living room skylights. I look out at the big grasses waving in the slight breeze. The trees are just starting to turn pale green and yellow. The reds and oranges will come soon. It is supposed to turn cold this weekend -- that will get the fall colors flowing.

The internet 'radio' switches to Ella Fitzgerald.

I have not seen my oldest son or my daughter for weeks. I miss them. Two years ago yesterday my oldest son's best friend died in a car wreck. I know my boy had a tough day yesterday. I pray every day for God to ease his pain, but not dull his memory.

Sometimes we get caught up in politics, in sports, in work, in life, the struggle for money -- we forget the things that make us human. The gurgling laugh of a baby. The hugs of your children. The soft whisper of a kiss from your wife as she heads for work.

Last week as my wife was leaving for work, I stood on the garage step as I do each morning. I reminded her I would be home the next day as I was going to Chicago. She paused at the open door to the Durango and came back to give me a full kiss on the lips and told me to be careful. The stuff of songs. The poetry of life.

A cardinal sits on the fence. It is only about a month until Thanksgiving, the seasons race by. Soon snow will fly and I will no longer sit at the computer in jean shorts, bare feet tapping to the Chairman of the Board.

Indeed, Nice and Easy does it every time...

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