October 15, 2008

Lucky, Lucky You

I should be winging my way to visit a customer about now.

I am of the firm opinion that the OEM supplier of alternators for the Ford Taurus produces a crappy product. Wouldn't it be ironic if my company's widgets were a component of said alternator?

As I am here posting, I bet you have made the connection.

Yes, the alternator died in my car this morning. This is the second one for my company car (you did not think I would buy a Taurus on my own did you?). The first alternator was replaced when I had the car for TWO days. Now just over two years later that one died.

I was at the ATM grabbing a little cash (there was not much to get). As I rolled up the window I noticed the motor pushed up the window very slowly as if it had no power. The radio did not come on when I pushed the button. Uh oh says I to myself. I noticed the dash lights etc are off. This is bad I says as the car seems to miss out a little. The air conditioner is not working. I say a quick prayer and turn in the direction of the dealer (the closest repair place). I make it the mile or so without incident. They tell me they will have a new alternator this afternoon to replace the dead one. I ask for and receive a ride home (in some ways small towns are very good).

So you will get me hanging around the interwebz today, wasting time instead of schmoozing customers. And yes, I might get a little paperwork done. September and October to-date expenses are waiting to be catalogued and turned in.

Some days it is good to be me, and this fine warm fall Wednesday is one of those days.

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