October 13, 2008

A new point of view

I was having dinner with a bunch of relatives Saturday (they were my wife's relatives). A discussion on politics ensued. Here, I am aggressive and a staunch defender of my positions. In discussions with customers and relatives there is no point in big arguments -- they outlast the election. I just chalk some people's positions to ignorance. Pointing that out serves no purpose.

Anyway one female relative said she cannot stand Palin. I asked why. She said Sarah Palin comes across as an average ordinary person. She said Palin was just like her.

I asked why she did not like her then. My niece said "Because she is just like me, and I am not qualified to be President or Vice President".

Some of us like Mrs. Palin because she seems so..unpolitical. Others hate for that very reason. I am not sure I have a comment or analysis here, I just find it interesting.

What do you think? Oh, and no bullshit about "experience" -- her lack of experience is no more than Carter, Clinton, or even Obama. To pretend otherwise marks you narrow-minded. (one again I try to get an honest open-minded dialogue).

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