October 12, 2008

Where is the hate?

I read this in a comment over at Erin's place yesterday:

there was a mccain-palin sign across the street from my house when i got home last night. i stopped my car, took my flashlight with me, pulled it up and laid it down. no way is that gonna be associated with MY house. nuh-uh. apparently they were on a spree in my town yesterday, because there were lots of them around. grrrrrrrrrr...
between that, and question 1 in MA (something that would pretty much kill tons of teachers' jobs among other things), i'm scared for the future.

Wow Shaina I love your support for the first amendment. Talk about the McCain hatred. Is this how it is going to be when your side gets in charge -- no other opinions allowed? I guess Orwell was just off by about 25 years. I cannot believe no one there had an issue with the person going onto someone else's property and removing a political sign. "[N]ot in my neighborhood" -- and Republicans are called intolerant and filled with hate? What if her neighborhood was overwhelmingly in favor of McCain? Should Shaina be denied political signs that her neighbors do not agree with? Of course not. Do you all also support vandalizing cars with bumper stickers with which you disagree? Sadly, I do not think Shaina is an isolated case.

Oh, and this man is a fucking genius. Read it.

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