November 1, 2008

Answers to Ask Hoosierboy Questions

Otter asks about my most embarrassing moment. Sadly, like Otter, I think I am missing the "embarrasses easily gene". I have done some things I regret, but nothing embarrassing comes to mind, like calling my date the wrong name in the throes of passion. I am sure those incidents are there, but none come to mind. I regret puking in my wife's lap after a night of tequila (that story is somewhere in the archives) or letting the air out of the tires on a buddy's car while he was on a date. I probably shouldn't have run around the block naked back during the streaking craze (I was like 10).

I once was late to a job interview back in college because I had to stop and vomit on the way. Some people might have blamed it on the copious amounts of Gin I drank the night before. I think it was just nerves. I did not get the job, the interviewer seemed a little concerned about my DTs. He asked me several times if I felt all right. The chunks of vomit on my tie were likely an issue as well. I never wanted to be a banker anyway.

Jean asks about reading recommendations. Currently I am reading In Harm's Way by James Bassett. This is probably my fifteenth or twentieth time to read this book.

For some fun and general reading I recommend anything by Tim Dorsey. The books can be read in any order, but it is better to read them in chronological order (see here). The books are set in Florida, so you probably know the kind of characters he portrays.

It is not to late, go ahead and ask your question of the old Hoosierboy.

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