November 5, 2008

Parting thoughts on the election

Here are a few final thoughts on the election.

The way to win an election has been defined for years to come. Obama outspent McCain by an estimated margin of anywhere from 5-1 to 7-1. As soon as that kind of spending causes the Democrats to lose, more reform will be on the way.

The media has done itself a huge disservice. Their clear bias got them the President they wanted, but at what cost? I predict declining circulation and ratings will continue as people lose what little trust they have in the media. Now, after the election, I predict stories about Obama will begin to surface, in a too-little-too-late effort to salvage reputations. Even my wife, who is completely non-political, has commented on the bias in reporting. Studies even show that Leno and Letterman did 4 times more critical jokes of McCain/Palin.

It is my belief this election was more a repudiation of Bush than a philosophical move leftwards by the country. The truth will show in two or four years. I believe that should the extreme liberal members of Congress try to push a socialist agenda they will usher another conservative revolution. There is a general sense that the country is splashing around in the deep end of the pool with no clear direction. President-elect Obama offered change, and that resonated with people. Too many of the electorate voted through white guilt or just because he was black. They voted for anyone who was not Bush. They blamed the current economic situation on the Republicans. A significant number voted for a tax cut.

Time will tell. Maybe what we need is a President that is not steeped in politics. Maybe inexperience is the medicine for what ails us. Maybe we just elected the next Teddy Roosevelt. Maybe we just elected another Jimmy Carter. One thing is for sure, we just voted for more government in our lives. We voted for 55 mph speed limits and mandated smaller cars. We decided we want the same people who provide such a positive experience at the DMV to provide your health care. We voted to weaken our military. We voted for more taxes on businesses. That means you will pay higher prices. More unemployment and jobs moving offshore is the result of higher business costs.

America spoke and we all have to live with it. Eight or ten years ago pundits proclaimed the liberal wing of the Democratic Party was dead. Now they are in control. Such things go in cycles. A lurch to the left aways brings a lurch to the right.

On an interesting note, I do not think the difference in urban and rural voters has ever been greater. A county map of the election shows a clear delineation. The trend over the past several years shows those who live in the larger cities tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat, while the rest of us vote Republican. Political Scientists can analyze this and tell us why, but I am confident such polarization is not a good thing.

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