November 4, 2008

I am sitting here munching on some cold mini-meatloaf. The daughter came home last night so she could vote this morning and she requested said meatloaves[?] for dinner. You make a meatloaf mixture and line the bottom of a muffin tin. Put in some diced onion, diced green pepper and some shredded cheddar. Cover with more meat mixture and bake as directed in your favorite recipe. I hate meatloaf, but these are a nice change. You can cover with ketchup if you like. I hate ketchup, so I don't. It is just one more indication of my superior taste and breeding.

I just got back from voting. In a shocking twist I voted for Obama.

Big Dick says he will start blogging again if Obama wins, so I did my part for entertainment.

OK, I was just fucking with you. I voted for the lesser of the Evils, and Palin. I did wear my Cubs hat. I am hoping some of that negative Chicago Cubs Karma will affect The Obama.

Just a few more hours and the commercials will be over. I am glad I live in a small town. I have little fear the riots and looting and car burnings will impact my community. There is a positive side to this election. If by some crazy miracle McCain pulls this one off, the irate Dims will go wild. Maybe they can burn Detroit to the ground, speed up the process, if you will. It will be like euthanasia for a dying city, a prime example of the positive influence of generations of Democratic Rule. Maybe they will get Gary, IN as well; a cosmic two for Tuesday. That, my friends, would be sweet.

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