December 27, 2008

Extreme Pigmy Sex

Good morning blogworld. I trust you had an enjoyable Holiday and a Merry Christmas? Everyone here seems pretty content. I did not get the one item I specifically asked for, I am now 0-20 at least in the Christmas sex category.

Last weekend it was two degrees outside. The weather quack is forecasting a high in the mid-sixties today! The high tomorrow will be back into the mid-thirties. Crazy, I tell you.

Some friends are coming over tonight, so we will have to straiten up the Christmas booty and do some cleaning in a bit. If this warm weather sticks there will be some beer drinking and cigar smoking going on in the old garage.

I had the weirdest dream last night. You all were at my house (it was not my house really, but it was in the dream)for a blog meet. The regulars were all there and some people I did not know. What was weird was that you all knew me by sight, but I did not know most of you. I also had on this most hideous shirt, one I would never wear, so I know it was just my tortured mind. It was weird stuff, I tell you. I guess my mind was telling me I need to post something.

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