December 28, 2008

The boring aspect of life

Crazy times. We had January-like weather last week with single digit temps and sub-zero wind chills. This weekend we had late March weather. The temperature hit 67 yesterday! Last night we had tornado watches as a cold front came through to bring us back to near normal weather. It was nice going to the grocery in a t-shirt though.

I scored some tickets to the Colts final home game this season. We will be off in a bit. I got the seats for half of face value. That is OK since the starters will likely only play half the game at best. I know they are not great seats, but my wife and youngest will get to see their first NFL game live.

Some friends came over last night. We went to eat some Mexican food. When we returned, the other guy and I retired to the garage to smoke a cigar and drink a few beers while the women gossiped. Then we played some Euchre. My buddy and I handily won every game. Lots of talking and joking so we played slowly. I made up a batch of cocktail weenies and some brownies. There was dip and snacks as well. I ate too much and had a great time.

As you can see I have nothing of interest or value to report. The seconds and hours tick by, the calender flips its pages and I am alive. That is plenty for me. It just does not make interesting reading for you. And so it goes.

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