December 23, 2008

This is how you write a post

Fresh coffee warms the mug. My knuckles are cracked and poised above the keyboard. I scratch at my hair and the dry skin on my back. Nothing. I read my blogroll, looking for inspiration, something to steal. They all said it better. I jump to the on-line newspaper. No inspiration there. The furnace and fireplace are working, there is that...yawn...It is cold. Well it is winter fer cripes sakes...I stare at the screen. Blink, blink, blink -- damn you cursor. I hit return to start a new paragraph. Back space a few times. Maybe I will do a quick spellcheck. Only two words wrong so far, a very good day, indeed.

I could post an old picture of my kids. No one wants to see that. Politics, ho hum. I am not in the mood to research and crank out a piece on the bailouts. History?, I can see your eyes glazing over with boredom already. A quick Google search informs me today is Festivus -- I do not need to elaborate for Seinfeld fans. Can we be honest? Festivus makes as much sense as Kwanzaa. Although I suppose every religion seems a little silly to non-believers.

I jump over and check my work emails. I am supposed to be on vacation.

I have a snippet of music running through my head. I cannot identify it. The words are just da da dit dit di-ditdit da da. It is just that same short line looping endlessly. Some times I find my self singing along: da da dit dit di-ditdit da da. Do you know that tune? Maybe it is a sea chanty. I have been deep into P O'B again.

Walker, one of my long-time readers has had a terrible Christmas. Go offer support. She has lost her house to a fire. She is safe, her pets are safe.

My coffee is gone. There are words on the screen. I guess you have to be satisfied with quantity over quality -- nothing new around here. What you see is a morning's work. I guess I will not quit my day job for a columnist gig. Have a good day.

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