December 22, 2008


Damn its cold. The home page says it is a blistering 1 (one) degree outside. That is -17 C for you Canuks and Euro types. That does not even include the windchill! Now the good news -- my furnace is broken again. It is a whopping 60 in the house right now. The wife is really pissed because the gas fireplace will not work. I had the gas turned off last summer because I thought it was ridiculous to pay $12.75 a month for a product I did not even use (the furnace is forced air electric only the fireplace is gas). I never got around to having it turned back on. I told her C'est la vie, baby. She was not amused.

Some of you have read the mushy story of my first date with my now-wife. Well that fated night was thirty years ago today. I told her last night that one of us sure looks a lot older now. When I tried to fool around she rebuffed me. Can you believe that? Maybe she was just cold (see above)?

I have to see about lighting a fire in the wastebasket, my fingers are too cold to type any more...

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