December 29, 2008

To what key do you tune a ukulele?

It was a good Sunday. The Patriots and the Cowboys will both be sitting home watching the playoffs. Life is good. The Bears choked away their slim chance, but the Colts won, so the happiness/disappointment see-saw is leveled somewhat.

It occurred to me yesterday I sound like a total hick sometimes when I talk. At 46 it is probably too late to fix that.

Today is ostensibly a work day. I am not sure what I am to do -- every single one of my customers is closed. I am caught up on expenses and paperwork. I guess I will peruse the Internet and look for leads. BTW, do you have the need to buy several thousand bearings or know someone who does? I just thought I would ask...

We had a gift exchange at my wife's family Christmas Eve. It was one of those deals where the gifts are not for a specific person, but where the people are given numbers and you chose a gift in order. When your turn comes you may chose a gift or take one someone else has chosen. It is kind of fun. Anyway, my wife got a scrapbook of her mother's old pictures. It includes a picture of her Mom and Dad together, she has never had a picture of them together before, so she was pleased. Inside are all kinds of old family pictures. Boy my wife has had some funky hairdos over the years. The big hair and glasses in the 1980's are a riot. Of course I look the same as ever; suave skinny and dashing....hah!

Happy Monday to you.

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