April 21, 2009

Dear President Obama

I am sorry, but I do not share your moral outrage. If it stops one single American from being killed I am in complete favor of waterboarding. I am also OK with administering swirlies, snuggies, beefstews and putting Nair in the jockstraps of terrorists. If it stops a beheading I think we should put them in dog collars and take their picture in their underwear. Make them eat bacon and bologna. Show them the bottom of our feet. We should beat theirs with an iron pipe. To stop another 9/11 we should strike them with rubber hoses and pry out their fingernails. Spray them with a fire hose. I have no issue at all if we attach car batteries to their gonads. Take an eye, break a finger or toe. To save American lives, eviscerate, draw and quarter and hang them by the neck. You see, there is no life more valuable on this planet than that of an American.

I do not think we should apologize for treating people like the animals they are who blow up little kids, punish rape victims with death, fly planes into buildings and take complete delight in killing the innocent. Cowardly goat fuckers who put bombs in discotheques and pizza parlors, those who take schoolkids hostage have no rights. They gave up their rights as human beings the moment they chose to strap on the bombs, or plan the murders of those who fail to follow the teachings of an 8th Century paederast. There is a place in Hell for those who plan and carry out such attacks. The next room over is reserved for those who let it happen.

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