April 10, 2009

F-f-f-f-f friday

I see some third world hoodlums still have the Obama Administration flummoxed. I guess we are taking the Jimmah Carter approach when Americans are taken hostage by members of the Religion of Peace. Watch and wait, monitor the situation, HOPE the pirates CHANGE their minds and let the Captain go. I am not surprised, your President says he is OK with just forgetting about 12 million criminals who broke into the country too. Just wait, when the leaders of the real criminal states like Iran and Syria see that Obama backs down from four or five criminals with automatic rifles, what will he do when confronted with real aggression?

In more happy news, I have the day off work as a holiday today. I am sitting here drinking coffee and chatting with you. Do you feel special? Expect a multitude of posts today as I feel the need to communicate my brilliant thoughts to the outside world.

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