April 9, 2009

You stupid, stupid people

"All nations must come together to build a stronger, global regime"

This from your President last week. While he was at it, he agreed to let an international board, dominated by European Bankers, to regulate banks and private companies in the US.

He now wants to open our borders. He bows before foreign potentates.

At first, I gave him the benefit of doubt. I thought he was just in over his head. Now, I really believe Obama's goal is to destroy our nation as it currently exists. He is willing to turn over our sovereignty, he is doing everything in his power to nationalize industry. Read the works of Alinsky and the 1960's radicals -- he is following the program at an accelerated rate. Orwell was just off by about a quarter of a century. Obama apparently did hear his Pastor's cry of God Damn America, he is trying his best to speed up the process.

This goes beyond a political disagreement, I am terrified for our nation. Where are all of the liberal hand wringers and haters that were convinced W was taking away our rights? In just a few months this guy has made a mockery of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Those of you who stayed home or voted for The Obama in a pique of anger, Are you proud of yourself now?

Help us Obi Wan, the Republic needs you. The nation yearns for a Conservative leader. It is time to stand up Republican Party. We can no longer afford to be Democrats-lite.

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