April 30, 2009

Liars and Hypocrites ( Yes I saw Godspell)

The liberal Left has long harped on the Separation of Church and State. You can read this position almost daily in the left-leaning blogs. Here is an example. Sadly, no such "wall" exists in the Constitution. Anyone who claims it does needs to head back to school and study Ninth Grade Civics. What the heck, in the spirit of improving education, I will give the complete Federal Position on the matter of Religion and Government:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

In other words, the Federal Government cannot interfere in religion, either way, condoning or condemning. You can find that position in The First Amendment to the Constitution. Those sixteen words are the complete authority. The Federal Government cannot make an official religion, and they can't stop you from practicing whatever you desire.

In the spirit of the new Bi-partisan Obamafied US of A, ignore everything leading up to this sentence. After all, we are told the Old Conservative is dead. The Dems are large and in charge now and we better get with the program. OK.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has long posited that the SCOTUS should take International law into consideration when making rulings. The same liberal viewpoint also is emphatic that there should exist a clear definitive wall of separation between Church and State.

I say let's go with that position. That means we cannot use taxpayer funds to put foot baths in the public restrooms at airports to accommodate those adherents of Islam. That means if the law says you need a picture on your driver's licence, then you do it sans bhurka. That means churches pay taxes. That means we need to bring International Law into consideration.

A court in the UK has ruled Environmentalism is a religion. As such, I demand we adhere to that stance.

This means immediately any Federal Laws, acts, or statutes that legislate environmental regulations must be stricken from the record. No CAFE standards, no bans on off-shore drilling. Any regulation put forth by the EPA is void. No more preserves for spotted owls, snail darters, or imaginary wetlands. There can no longer be limits on sulpher emmisions. Fire up the furnaces in those coal powered generators. No Federal Funds can be spent on "green" initiatives: no solar, no electric car, no windmills. The Federal Government has no place in Religion, remember?

Take heart my earth-loving friends. All is not lost. You see, I believe in the Constitution. Those pesky Ninth and Tenth Amendments can save you. Put your "green" initiatives before your State Legislatures! The separation thingy is a Federal Issue.

Oh, never mind. Those same Liberal Justices that found a "right" to abortion also gutted the Ninth and Tenth Amendments through the Commerce Clause and mis-applying the Fourteenth Amendment.

Sucks to be you.

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