April 30, 2009

Random Thursday Ramblings

Can we have a frank discussion? There are wants and there are needs. Sometimes the two intertwine. Here are some of my wants and/or needs:

a new car
a bigger/better house
better cars for my kids
a super-large flat screen TV
The HI-Def package including all of the movie channels for said TV
new Computer
new smart phone
a bigger/better GPS
a motorcycle
a really nice vacation
my humidor replaced and stocked with premium puros

You get the idea. Let us take a look at item one. A new car. My vehicle has 142,000 miles on it. It is starting to use oil. That means a ring job is in the future. I cannot afford a new car right now. I will have to find the money to have the engine worked on, being an automotive ignoramus. Eventually, this year or next, perhaps, if I am lucky, the following year I will have to replace the car. I will do it when I can afford to.

And that, my friends, is the message you should gleen from today's post. Sometimes you have wants. Sometimes you have needs. Sometimes you have to ignore both just to get by. You need to find a compromise. Our current Socialist-in Chief at the White the House seems unable to grasp this truism.

Perhaps we need health care reform. It could be we need to invest in green energy. Maybe we need to save the auto companies. These programs could be wants and maybe they are needs. It does not matter. The bottom line is we are already spending the hard earned money of our kids and grandkids and their kids. We cannot afford them in any case. The Government at all levels must cut spending.

Enough already. You can only tax the "rich" so many ways. Soon you are taxing us all. If you have a job, you will be classified as "rich". Just wait until the economy picks back up. The inflation of the Carter years will seem like the salad days.

Already nearly half of my pay goes to one form of taxes or another. We will just have to get by. Ignore the wants and examine the needs to see what is the minimum to get by. I have to do it.You have to do it. Why can't my local, state and federal governments give it a try?

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