April 26, 2009

Mixed up and jumbled

Man, am I sore. We moved my daughter from her crappy college house yesterday. Being a nice guy, and since I already had the U-Haul, I agreed to also move her roommate's larger pieces to the place to which she was moving since it was on the way. Of course, her bedroom was upstairs. I have jello legs this morning.

My daughter did not move home. She moved in with her boyfriend of four years. I am not sure how I feel about that. While we were moving, I started to make a joke, and let it go. We were hauling her mattress up the stairs (the stairs again) and she directed we just lean the bed against the wall until she could get the spare (guest) bedroom into shape. I was sorely tempted to ask her "but isn't this where you are sleeping?" I decided embarrassing her was not worth it.

Her boyfriend has a very nice job and a very nice house. It is way nicer than mine. In a much nicer neighborhood. I have to tell you I really like this guy, in spite of all my early efforts not to. I bet Dads with daughters can relate. But it is my little girl. I am pretty sure they will get engaged and married soon, and it is not like she just met the guy. I would be the worst hypocrite if I really complained, I had premarital sex too (but only once or twice). That is my version anyway. I think I will adopt the same attitude regarding my daughter as I did my parents. Denial. Or if all else fails I am sure if she does have sex, it is infrequent and she does not enjoy it. I have to cling to something here.

So now my little girl has officially moved from home. My oldest boy is staying at college to work this summer and will move into an apartment with friends in a few weeks. With him I can still have the illusion he lives here. Still, this house which seemed too small is getting bigger by the minute.

I started this piece O'crap blog shortly before she graduated high school. I wrote this Ode in one of my earliest posts. I am so happy she is starting a new life, yet I am worried my tears will short the keyboard. I am not one to talk about my feelings, heck I never even think about them. I do know I am mixed up today.

And sore. I am really, really sore.

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