April 16, 2009

Quick thoughts

I went to get the brakes fixed/replaced on my daughter's car yesterday. There was an old February 2009 issue of TIME lying on a chair. I was reading the articles and ran across the rantings of an African-American Studies Professor at some institute of higher learning I do not recall. Here, in a nutshell, is his problem with Black History Month (paraphrased). "Black History Month is a racist idea. The white man chose the shortest, darkest, coldest month and gave it to the Black man." GMAFB.

Obama says he wants to simplify the tax code and make it more fair. This is easy. Everyone over the age of 18 who works pays 17% of their earned income. No exceptions, no deductions. Tax forms are sent in on a postcard. Even those (Rep. Rangle) who write the tax laws will be able to now understand them. Is there anything more fair than that?

How can a person who pays no taxes get a tax cut?

Obama and the Democrats have decreed less money will be withheld from my check for taxes. This looks to many like a tax cut. Are you aware you will have to make up those taxes when you file next year? Of course when many of us have to write a check next April the scam regarding 95% of us getting a reduction in taxes will be exposed. Just in time for the run up to the 2010 Congressional/Senate races.

Democrats are going ape-shit over Alaska Governor Palin coming to an event in Indiana. They lament she is abandoning her State to run for President. Isn't funny these Democrats had no issues with Senators Obama and Clinton spending two four years running for President missing nearly every important Senate vote. I maintain if you are a politician seeking a different office you should resign your current position. After all, most of us would find it unethical if we spent 100% of our time looking for another job while being paid by your current employer. Why is it OK to take taxpayer money without doing the work? Oh, wait, I forgot, that is the mantra of the Democrat party -- take from the producers and give to the users.

I am not sure I understand, according to the Department of Homeland Security (aside, am I the only one who finds the title of that agency ominous?), if I disagree with the current Government plans and am a right wing conservative I am a threat to the nation's security? DHS is alerting local law enforcement to be on the lookout even though the report cited nary a single piece of evidence that the militia movement is growing, that right wing terrorism is on the rise, that treasonous acts are taking place. Veterans have especially been singled out as people to watch. This is all because crazy Timothy McVee bombed a building under the last Dimocrit President and he was a Vet, and conservative. By that logic we should put all leftist Professors and college students on a watch list. After all it was students that made up the Weather Underground. Some of those domestic terrorists are now Professors. And there was an unpopular war being waged and a Dimocrit was in office! Do doo do doo...

Oh, and since the erstwhile Governor of Alaska has now drunk the global warming Kool-aid, she can forget my support, should she try to run for National office in the future.

The State of Indiana wants to change the age one can get a drivers licence from 16 years plus 30 days to 16 years plus 180 days. The argument is it will make them better and more mature drivers. Does anyone really believe an extra five months will make a difference? A new driver is a hazard, no matter how old you are (sorry Freddie!). How about this, change the age one is allowed to drive to 18, and at the same time cap it at 75. I predict the accident rates would reduce dramatically as the old farts who poke along are removed from the road. And, if you are caught texting while driving, you lose your right to drive for 6 months, no matter how old you are. As someone who drives a lot, I have seen amazing stupidity behind the wheel. People applying make-up, reading books and newspapers, reclining with both feet out the window (yes, while driving) and once I saw a guy playing the trumpet while driving down I-75 in downtown Atlanta. 16 year-olds are not the only idiots on the road.

Jeepers, I am out of time and I have only solved a fraction of the world's problems.

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