April 16, 2009

Dear Liberal Blogger

You know who you are, the one who made fun of the "teabaggers" heh heh, I guess you are still in Jr. High with Keith Olberman. Funny how you parrot the same things, isn't it? Here is a fine example of the no-bias media:

Of course we heard no words of condemnation and claims it is not a "family friendly atmosphere" when Cindy Sheehan cursed the President Bush or when we all got see Code Pink and their wrinkly snatches decry the War in Iraq.

When the Government takes over the means of production it is Fascism. The Government is now an owner of banks and insurance companies. Fascism is firing Auto Execs and saying who can make what in wages and benefits -- I guess the recent actions of the Obama Government fits the bill.

The demonstrations were not about taxation without representation, they were about a Government that has stepped beyond the Constitution, they are about freedom, they are about the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. It is a matter of smaller, better Government. It is about the future.

Dear Miss Reporter, you do understand that the 50 gazzilion dollars or whatever that Illinois is getting from the Government comes from Taxpayers? Someone has to pay that debt? Or are you one of those really ignorant fucks that thinks your Tax Refund is a free check from the Government too?

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