April 17, 2009

Some things never change

On Reconstruction following The Civil War:

[R]eturning political and economic control...to the Democrats...who had just rebelled would render the North's victory in the war fruitless. "Every state that seceded from the United States was a Democratic State.... Every man that shot Union soldiers was a Democrat. Every man that loved slavery better than liberty was a Democrat. The man that assassinated Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat," Republican political leader Robert Ingersoll pointed out. "Every man that raised bloodhounds to pursue human beings was a Democrat. Every man that clutched from shrieking, shuddering, crouching mothers, babes from their breasts, and sold them into slavery, was a Democrat."

And a corollary for today:

I would add that every idiot who cannot see that "Hope and Change" is code for Socialism/Communism is a Democrat.

emphasis mine

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