April 17, 2009

Friday Grab Bag

It is Friday at last, what a long, long week. The weatherman claims we will hit 70 today, are shorts in order?

The boy finally had his first baseball game last night. He went 1-2, plus a walk and a stolen base. Not too bad an effort. He started and played the entire game in center field. The team jumped out to a quick 6-2 lead but ended up losing 17-7 in five innings (10 run rule). Pitching was an issue in the later innings. It will be an issue the entire season. They play again tonight.

If my goal is to have the worst looking, raggedy, dandelion-filled yard in the neighborhood, well then call me a success!

I had a leftover subway BMT with extra pepper jack cheese for breakfast.

The Cubs have already achieved mid-season form.

Secrets are hard to keep. I am good at it though.

Maybe I will find the time to enjoy a cigar this afternoon. That means the yard work will have to wait. Decisions, decisions...

I cannot seem to get any of my customers to return a phone call or answer an email. Is it me? Is it my breath, do I have BO? Dandruff? Did I pick my nose and flick boogers at you?

The Dragon is back -- click the link over on the right and tell her I said hola.

Did you catch that, Fat in Indiana has gone bi-lingual!

Is this the most boring post you have ever read?

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