June 1, 2009

I want to thank you

I hit 100,000 visitors today. Some of you get that many in a quarter. The really big dogs get that a week. I am pretty proud anyhow. When I started this pig I got three hits a day. Two were me.

After four years and nearly 2200 posts I think I have said all I can. Since March 22, 2005 when I made my un-noticed entrance into the Internet world until now some 1,532 days have passed us by. I have covered my life, politics, and I hope a few jokes in the 2,170 posts (counting this one)I have written in that time. That is a rate of about three posts every two days. That is a lot of words. For you detractors I will be quick to admit often this is a place of quantity, not quality. I never claimed to be a writer, just your Average Joe with something to say. Have I said it well? Probably not. But I have put my life, my sense of humor and my opinion out there for the world to comment and critique -- spelling issues and all.

Since I started typing posts on this insignificant record of my life, my daughter graduated high school and college. She got engaged. My oldest son graduated high school, broke his collarbone and has grown into a fine musician and man. He is in college. My youngest broke his arm played a lot of sports and will get his driver's licence in a few months. He is growing into a fine young man as well. Several great bloggers lived and died. Many more have disappeared from the blogosphere.

In those four years I have changed jobs. We have moved twice. In those four years I have been through some of the lowest points of my life and scaled some personal peaks. This pig helped me through both the highs and lows, even if I did not relate all of the stories here. Your comments and discussions have been my life bouy on more than one occasion.

How long will this place last? I don't know. Another untended site waits in the wings for my new personality to bring it back to life. I have not posted there in months. I barely have anything to say here, let alone on another piece o' crap blog. I feel the pressure of my own making to posts something every day. If I had devoted the words to a novel I have spent here I would be finished with my story. On the other hand I would not have your comments and the joy of reading your blogs each day.

What is the point here? Simply, I want to say thank you to every one of you. I know I sound like a long-ago Sally Field Oscar speech when I write I cannot believe you take time from your life to stop by and read my drivel, my rants, my boring life stories, my jokes. I do not possess the vocabulary or writing skills to adequately express what each and every one of the 100,000 visits means to me.

You are the finest people I have never met, and I am proud to call you my friends.

Thank you, Wapsaw, Baie dankie, Gui lah hui te ha, Saeamat kimo, Faleminderit, Shukran, Merci, Eskerrik asko, Doh je, Yokoke, Tak, Dank u, Tashakkur, Danke schön, Efcharisto, Mahalo, Toda, Köszönöm, Go raibh maith agaibh, Grazie, Arigato, Komapsumnida, Gratiam habeo, Xie xie, Dziekuje, Obrigado, Hvala, Gracias, Cám ơn, Yuscotoya...well, you get the idea.

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