June 1, 2009

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I had a weird weekend.

The avian sector of the ecosystem continues its assault on my house. Saturday morning as I was making my coffee I noticed a disgusting splatter on my kitchen window/screen. Whatever it was had run down the window. I went out see and discovered it was eggs smashed on my window, at least two. They were small bird eggs, not the eating/throwing/baking chicken egg kind. In addition there were eggs smeared across my grill and broken eggshells on my deck. All appeared to have travelled from west to east before being smashed. None were in a place where they could have fallen from a nest. Did a hawk or owl drop them? Did a crazed dove continue its attack and shoot the missile from the egg chute in an all out aerial bombardment of my property? Have you seen such a thing?

I went out to get my paper Saturday morning. As I walked on the porch I heard a loud voice talking. As I reached my mailbox/paperbox, I noticed the neighbor girl standing in her front yard practicing her speech for graduation. It was just strange to see her standing there gesticulating to the empty street.

Sometimes life is bizarre.

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