June 29, 2009

Eat me

It is Monday, normally my busiest day in term of blog hits. I need to post something to entertain you, but right now all I have is a big fat bag of empty.

I sure do not see many of the liberal blogs singing praises of The Obama these days. I am no genius, but it sure looks as if I was right last summer when I predicted dire consequences if we elected this guy.

Did you know the House version of the cap and trade bill puts the Feds in charge of regulating your local building codes and permits? Say good bye to that pesky state and local government. Your local elected officials will no longer be in charge -- the EPA will. Does that make you Obamaites feel better?

Home loans will be made easier if you have a higher "green score". Lower interest and more favorable approvals with less money down are promised to those who are environmentally aware. I guess we learned nothing from the real estate crash and Freddie/Fannie. That was so long ago, though...

Is there anyone who can argue in favor of the provisions to this bill? Like the stimulus joke bill, this one was too important to read as well. I guess that transparency promise from The Obama was just another lie. I am sure the Kos Kids and all will be shouting about that any day now...

Never in my life would I believe we would see massive deficits and taxes run up on the American people in the name of junk science. I think some days I am living in an Alice in Wonderland world where cooling is warming, tax increases are tax cuts and a man with no experience of being in charge of anything -- ever -- is elected President. Wake up Hoosierboy, wake up...

Just as the North Koreans are increasing their missile technology along with the Syrians and Iranians we are cutting our missile defense capabilities. I guess the policy of putting our fingers in our ears and closing our eyes while shouting na na na na na na really must be a nuclear deterrent. That seems to be our policy. Perhaps The Obama would not really mind if the North Koreans nuke Hawaii as they have promised. All evidence of the non-existent birth certificate cover-up would be destroyed.

I hate to say this, but this clown is starting to make GW Bush look good. By the time Obama is done we just might long for the good old days of Jimmah Carter.

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