June 30, 2009

Tell me why

The other side has been heard from, sort of. They still have not addressed some fundamental concerns.

What happened to Obama's promise of transparency? I thought we would get five days to look at bills?

By what Constitutional Authority does the Federal Government dictate local building codes?

What is the rush to pass ANOTHER massive, intrusive bill with out even reading it. I would be pissed if my Representative voted in favor of something that he has not even read. From my earliest days as an adult I was told to read every document before I signed it. (my house closings have been long affairs). Should we expect any less when it is OUR money your Representative is voting to spend? Why the rush, are the Democrats afraid what will happen when the public finds out what is in the bill?

If you can explain why the polar ice caps on Mars are melting, I will buy into man made global warming. There is an inconvenient truth for you. UNtil then educate yourself. Read the many, many articles that debunk global warming. I learned in debate the best way to prepare an argument is to research the other side. Try it, you might just learn something.

This measure will force banks to give better terms to individuals buying houses that are more "green". Isn't that the kind of forced mortgages that lead to the current housing/financial crisis?

Can you honestly say you think the Federal Government (namely unelected bureaucrats at the EPA) should tell you how to heat and cool your house, what to drive, how your food should be prepared, etc.? Honestly, does anyone think that is freedom?

Click on this. And they say GW Bush appointed idiots. What kind of fool goes on TV to promote something she has not read?

Here is another great article. Yes, he has a vested interest in pushing natural gas. That does not change the facts he presents.

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