June 23, 2009


Jon and Kate (whoever they are) are splitting up. I guess that is a bad thing?

Ed McMahon died. I am sure that is a sad thing.

It is not raining today (yet). That is a sunny thing.

The Cubs lost. That is not a surprising thing.

I met a buddy for a nice cigar smoke yesterday. That is a smoky enjoyment thing.

I am not in the mood for work. That is a dangerous thing.

Payday cannot get here soon enough. It is a financial thing.

I am seriously jonesing for BBQ. It is a summer thing.

Lakanookie is killing me. It is a man thing.

Not all Democrats are liars or hypocrites. It is a searching for a needle in a haystack thing.

There is nothing like a good book. It is a truth of life thing.

This has gone on long enough. It is an end of post thing.

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