June 13, 2009

It is not raining

I am in a real Chatty Cathy mood today. That always happens when I am away from the old blog for a few days. When I have no way to post I have plenty to say. Posting will continue to be light as roadwork is my foreseeable future. Even this weekend will be shortened by work, and that, my friends, really ticks me off.

In the wake of the senseless, idiotic shooting at the Holocaust Museum there is the inevitable hand wringing and "let's ban all guns" talk. This crazed fanatic would have failed to turn in or register his gun. If you are willing to commit murder, you are willing to take a gun possession charge.

Second, there again is talk about the KKK, the NeoNazis and crazy lone white guy. I find it amusing how the Government and the press are quick to scrutinize these groups, and wonder how we control them. Yet a group that has killed more Americans in recent years, and foments a significant amount of the world's trouble is again treated like the man behind the curtain. I am talking about the radical Muslims. Why are they left from the discussion? These fanatics spread hate and bigotry and anti-Semetism at a level that would make Goebbels proud. The Governments of the world go out of their way to accommodate these bullies, never realizing that a token accommodation is not enough. For the Muslim fanatics nothing less than Global Caliphate is acceptable. Better we stomp the baby cockroach before it grows into an adult and breeds and we have a real pest problem.

While we are at it, we should acknowledge there is a considerable amount of anti-Semetism to be found in the Black and Hispanic communities as well. Use your favorite search engine and take a gander at the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's sermons. Or just read the fishwrap about Wright's comments earlier this week. No wonder Obama continues to throw Israel "under the bus". "Blame the Jews" has been preached to him every Sunday for twenty years. How is that blind support for the Dems working out for you now liberal Jews?

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