June 11, 2009

The week is nearly over

*&^$ing Cubs.

Guess what, i saw in the USA Today that Congress is looking at taxing your employer-provided insurance. Guess that "I will not tax the middle class" rhetoric was just that -- a fucking lie. How do you feel now Obamaites?

Buried deep in the back section, and you can look it up yourself there was an article that the wind volume in North America has decreased significantly in the last 25 years, especially in the Midwest. How can that be, isn't wind and solar power going to save us?

You people are such sheep. How about we just drill for the natural gas and oil we have right in 'merica? Sick of the price of gas gouging you at the pump? You can thank the profligate spending and printing of money by your president and his tax-cheat in charge of the Treasury. As the value of the dollar falls, it takes more of them to buy a barrel of oil. If you need me to explain this bit of basic economics let me know, or better yet, I detailed it in a past post. Search the archives yourself, you may learn something.

The Hilton Garden Inn where I am typing this bit of wisdom smells like kerosene. It did the last time I was here too.

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