September 30, 2009

It seems like yesterday

I woke that morning sore. I had spent the night on a narrow padded window seat. In a hospital room. The air outside was cold. The weatherman reported later that the low had hit a frigid 32 degrees, tying the earliest date for a freeze in the area. September 30, 1993 was to be an ominous day.

My wife was in the hospital bed. I spent the night in the room, filled with worry. She had been admitted the previous evening after an ultrasound in the doctor's office. Our baby was due anytime. The ultrasound showed dark patches in the baby that indicated he was retaining fluid. The doctor put her in the hospital. He microwaved "the sponge", to kill the spermicide. He then filled it with magic potion that would induce labor. He said "see you tomorrow" and off he went.

I called my Mom to come watch my two kids, 5 and 7. After she arrived I headed back to the hospital to spend a restless night. Thursday, September 30 started cold and turned into a sunny day. The Doctor was called and my youngest child, a baby boy, was born.

He had some issues with the tube from his kidney to his bladder that caused the fluid to back up, but that remedied itself in time. Now he is a healthy happy young man. The boy is now at least as tall as I am and still has amazing blue eyes. He was voted 'Friendliest Person" at his Eighth Grade graduation a few years ago. He turns sixteen today and he cannot wait to get his driver's license. Too bad in Indiana you have to wait 31 days after your 16th birthday. There he is -- over there on the right, the day he came home.

Happy Birthday, Little One, I am proud of you.

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