October 1, 2009

It still seems like yesterday

This is not a repeat. I have not lost my mind. Today is my middle child's birthday -- the monumental number 21. He has some major partying on tap, if he has even one of my genes in his DNA. This one is my artist, a musician, a college student, a liberal. That is OK. He will come around in time. Or not. We need ideas from both the left and right to make our country work. Ideas from the right make us strong and prosperous as a nation and individuals. Ideas from the left show us the wrong way to do things.

I related the story yesterday of the birth of my youngest child. The wife pleaded with the doctor to make sure the baby was not born on my oldest son's birthday. The result is we have back-to-back birthdays!

Like all my kids, this one is my pride and joy. Happiest of days, Buddy.

This beer is for you. Happy 21st!

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