October 28, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Joe Lieberman, you are my hero. Now it is time for Evan Bayh to step up.

I rarely dream, but the last few weeks I have had repeated dreams about food. The kind that seem to last all night. Take last night for example. I dreamed I bought a large tenderloin to make breaded tenderloin. I sliced the loin thinly and was just ready to pound out the cuts when I "discovered" the tenderloin was a beef tenderloin, not a pork tenderloin. I was in a panic on what to do. I woke, padded to the bathroom. I got a drink, and went back to my fine king
-sized bed at the Hilton Garden Inn. I dreamed about the damn beef tenderloin screw-up again. I kept waking and dreaming about how to save the expensive beef tenderloin I had cut into thin slices.

Current and former psych majors step up and help me here.

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