October 29, 2009


I am sitting here in my favorite airport - Douglas Int'l in Charlotte. All airports suck, but this one sucks less than most.

I have a couple of hours to kill before my flight home. I thought I would post a quick word from my phone. Most people do not look too attractive when they eat. What is so hard to understand about "walk left, stand right" when you are on a moving sidewalk? Why do airports feel the need to gouge you on food and drinks? We are a captive audience and it is a pathetic practice.

I am not the physical specimen you Imagine, but there is no excuse to weigh 300 or 400 lbs. If you need two seatbelt extensions you have a problem.

If your bag will not fit in the overhead, pushing harder will not make your bag smaller, nor the opening bigger.

I miss the chicks in tight low cut shirts. Short skirts and boots are a suitable substitute.

I tried to find a certain Andrew Jackson museum yesterday. I was unable to find it. My wife asked why I did not stop and ask directions. Can you imagine?

I hope none of you caught that pathetic post I had up for a while last night. Beer and blogging don't mix.


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