November 15, 2009

Help me Rhonda

Some of you think I resemble Forrest Gump -- not a smart man. So could some of you liberal-IloveObama-types explain something for me?

How is it possible, or even make sense, to offer enemy combatants a trial in US Courts (New York!)? Why are we offering foreign nationals, who have waged war and committed terrorist acts against our Nation, the protections of the US Constitution? These terrorists are not even covered under the rules of the Geneva Conventions (legally we could have executed them on the spot).

Here is another 'splain this Lucy observation I made earlier this week. Nealy every 'conservative' leaning blog I visited had a comment or post dedicated to Veteran's Day. Check out the liberal blogs. Did any of them even mention the Holiday? Did you notice? Draw your own conclusions.

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