November 16, 2009

Monday Grab Bag

Did you sty up and watch Sunday Night Football last night? Wow. What other coach in the world would go for it on fourth and two at you own 27 yard line? the football gods hate arrogance and the evil Patriots paid the price.

Remember when I posted about my daughter proudly buying her first car a few months back. She loves her little Jetta. She cleans it every week and will not even eat in the car.

Yesterday an 85 year old man pulled right into the side of her car. She said she was on a busy road and she was one of many cars and he just drove into her. She is spitting mad. Luckily she is not hurt. She said she sat there and called the cops, some witnesses came over to see if she was Ok. The old man just sat in his car. She finally went over and tapped on his window. After she got him to roll it down she said "hey you just hit me". He said "where did you come from?"

Her car had to be towed. He hit hard enough to push her across the other lane and into a parking lot. I have long maintained you should not be allowed to drive until you are 18, and that after 70 you should be tested every two years.

In other boring news you do not care about, I raked the leaves Saturday, then I went with the wife to buy a few Christmas gifts. The holidays will be light this year, and maybe we can avoid going at the last minute like we usually do.

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