December 20, 2009

Dear Senator Evan Bayh

Do not sell us out. At least Ben Nelson and Mary Landreau got something for fucking over the people of their states. They may be whores, but that is a step up from giving it away for free. That just makes you a slut.

Please remember you are there to represent the people of Indiana, not the Democrat Party. Your Pop forgot that and he got stuffed by a Quayle. I am sure you are aware this is an election year.

You phones have been off the hook with calls the past two weeks, polls are overwhelmingly against moving forward with Obamacare. Represent the wishes of the people. Stand up and be a man. All politicians want to be remembered by history. Future generations will thank you for standing strong and doing what is right. Do not be afraid to make your mark for the people of Indiana and the citizens of the United States.

You proud Americans out there, those who favor limited, fiscally controlled Government. Write and call your Senator now. Here is a service that will fax your letters free. The vote is tonight. If you have ever considered letting your voice be heard, the time is now. Tomorrow is too late to stop this nonsense in its tracks. Let your Senator hear your voice.

If, like the good Senator Bayh, he/she ignores your will. Do everything in your power to vote him out of office.

Click here to send a free fax to your Representative. You must act today.


Cappy said...

We in Ohio have worthless Clinton clone Sherrod Brown, he of the Yale pedigree and raspy voice and slut journalist wife. Ain't no use contacting him. May as well give the finger to yourself.

dick said...

In other news, the Colts officially rule.

"All hail Peyton"

Anonymous said...

The entire Bayh clan has made a good living out of sucking the blood out of Indiana for generations. I have given up hope on the current Congress, its time for new blood and term limits. Vote all of them out.

James Old Guy

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