December 20, 2009

Go. Read.

Go over to Doug Ross' place and scroll through his posts the past 24 hours. There is a terrific rant by Victor the Contractor. Learn how the trial lawyers and excessive lawsuits are what is driving the cost of health care. Roughly 75% of your health insurance premium goes to fighting malpractice suits. Does Congress want to reform healthcare -- the answer is easy, except the Trial Lawyers are among the largest donors to the Democratic party. Educate yourself and act accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Kill a lawyer for Christ, well sounds good to me.

dick said...

That's why we had Tort reform in Texas. Now Docs aren't afraid to practice medicine.

TheWayfarer said...

There's nothing wrong with a lawyer a good horse-whipping wouldn't set right.
Only problem is ya gotta legalize it first, and the damn legislature's full of 'em!

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