December 13, 2009

Hope and change

The Democrats passed a new debt bill last night. Government workers will all get a 2% raise. Did you get a raise this year? Remember the Feds only get money from one place to give these raises -- from taxing YOU.

Keep that in mind the next time you go to the polls.


dick said...

Oh shit, Blogsnot comments.
I hate these fucking things cause they never remember me.
I demand that you buy a dot com, and a six pack.

Joe said...

Since I do this blogging thing half-assed, I will comply and buy a six pack.

To get around that never remember you issue just leave the button checkrf as Anon, but put "Dick" at the end of the comment.

Dan O. said...

I got a raise at work this year. They raised the cost of my health insurance. Most of my utility bills were raised. Gas prices are rising again. My blood pressure, that raises every time I here something about Obama, global warming/climate change, going green, living green, etc. The gov't raised the price of my cigars. But, I'm sure you meant a raise in salary and no I did not get one of those.

As for when I go to the polls; I have vowed, and I followed that vow back in November, not to vote for ANY incumbent at any level of gov't. Braaaak, was right, it is time for a change and I want to change EVERYTHING.

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