December 14, 2009

I will 'splain it, Lucy

The Democrats Health Care proposal includes taxes on business and "Cadillac plans". Without those taxes, the trillion dollar budget for this boondoggle will be passed to taxpayers of future generations. At this point we will not point out that the only way the plan does not cost us in the first ten years is we are taxed for it for four years before the plan takes effect. BTW, those of you who are wringing your hands that we must fix Health Care now, 'cause people are like, dying,could you explain this delay to me?

Anyway, when people are taxed for having really excellent coverage figure this out, what do you think they will do? Unless they are completely clueless, they will take out a policy that does not earn them a tax penalty. They will save that money and use it to pay under the table for better coverage.

I am going to type this next sentence for the one thousandth time, somehow, someway, those of you who are determined to punish Corporations for making a profit will finally understand. Businesses do not pay taxes. This cost is part of doing business and is passed to the consumer. If the Widget Corporation is taxed an additional three percent to help pay for Government run health insurance they will add three percent to the cost of their product. YOU will pay more. Thus, The Obama's pledge to never raise taxes on the 'middle class' will be just another lie.

Like Big Dick says, leave those Obama bumper stickers on your Prius. It will make it easier to identify whom to blame.


The Rich Wasp said...

If a business didn't pass along those taxes to its consumers, it would go broke.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I have faith the REAL Prog goal of 55% income tax will be reached "so we're like those enLIEtened" cocksuckers "in Europe" (where 10% unemployment is considered low).
Stop and think about it, "Progressive" is more accurate than liberal: Most fatal diseases are "progressive"!

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