December 18, 2009

I know, let us borrow money to give to United Way

Imagine you have a neighbor. He is a nice guy, a Ned Flanders type. Old Ned has a mortgage, car payment, bills, the typical debt load. Ned learns the local food pantry needs donations, so he spends his grocery budget to help out the less fortunate. Our good Samaritan learns the homeless shelter needs donations and repairs. He bites the bullet and takes out a second mortgage to finance the repairs.

The economy sours and he has to borrow a little more to make his payments. He takes out credit cards to pay his credit card bills. He takes some items to the pawn shop. He has some unexpected medical bills. He is drowning in debt, but imagines he will survive somehow.

Our Hero decides to "adopt" a kid based on a late-night commercial. A local family's house burns down and there is a plea for donations. Ned sends three thousand dollars. He goes to the bank to discuss a third mortgage. He pleads with his boss for more hours.

Good old Ned has good intentions. He cares about his fellow man, but he is an idiot. He is bankrupting himself. I think most of us would agree.

The US is broke. We have a staggering national debt. The current administration has borrowed more money than all of the previous administrations combined. They are promising more debt and borrowing in the future.

Yet now we are promising we will borrow $100,000,000,000 -- that is one hundred billion dollars -- to give to Third World Countries to assuage our guilt over having advanced industrial capacity. We are going to pay these poor nations, many run by greedy despots, for our evil carbon usage. Our factories may spew CO2, a natural gas that makes farms more fertile, but the plight of the Third World is our fault somehow.

Just think, Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration just signed that third mortgage in your name for a payment of $333 for every man woman and child in this country, plus interest -- every year. I am all for helping out others, but when we are borrowing money to give as charitable donations, we need to take a step back.


dick said...

I'd have to look it up, but do they have the legal right to give away our tax money without our consent?
I'm guessing yes, and it pisses me off.

And I can't fucking stand these dog shit blogger comment boxes.

Joe said...

Yep, why is the ACLU always silent when it comes to protecting the average, innocent American?

I hate the blogger comment boxes too, but I am a cheap son of a bitch and I refuse to pay for my hobby.

Cappy said...

Or we can send it all to f'd up cities such as DeToilet. Or we can just throuw it into a giant pit. Same difference.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Cappy's nailed it: Why not just take that hundred bil and flush it down the shitbowl?
Broke is a rather optimistic appraisal. A country that's 80 trillion clams in the hole is not "broke". We'd have to climb for several years before we got a dim view of the top of the fucking hole we're in.
Poverty would be an improvement! It just means you ain't got nothing. We have a lot of fancy junk that the banks and foreigners own, and graciously - for now - allow U.S. to use.

borrow money fast said...

To play devil's advocate, your analogy isn't exactly accurate. The pledge of billions of dollars isn't just to assuage the national guilt. It's in every country's best interest to get a handle on global warming. And as one of the top two emitters in the world, there are global political repercussions if we choose to just tell the rest of the world it's not our problem.

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