December 8, 2009

Now this is climate change

Experts agree that in the far distant history of this small blue planet we call Earth, huge chunks of the surface were covered with ice. Some even estimate these giant sheets of ice (glaciers) extended at times as far south as the equater. I would guess that the surface temperature was pretty cold.

Eventually all if that ice melted. Something caued the Earth temperature to change dramatically over time. I am pretty sure it was not the activities of man. Evil SUVs and coal-burning plants did not cause the ice sheets to receed.

Right here in the rustbelt, ice covered the landscape. According to Wikipedia,the last ice age brought ice sheets below 45 degree of latitude. This galciation occured 26,000 to 13,000 years ago. Experts refer to this time as the Wisconsin Glaciation.

This Wisconsin glaciation left widespread impacts on the North American landscape. The Great Lakes and the Finger Lakes were carved by ice deepening old valleys. Most of the lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin were gouged out by glaciers and later filled with glacial meltwaters. The old Teays River drainage system was radically altered and largely reshaped into the Ohio River drainage system. Other rivers were dammed and diverted to new channels, such as the Niagara, which formed a dramatic waterfall and gorge, when the waterflow encountered a limestone escarpment. Another similar waterfall, at the present Clark Reservation State Park near Syracuse, New York, is now dry.

The area from Long Island to Nantucket was formed from glacial till, and the plethora of lakes on the Canadian Shield in northern Canada can be almost entirely attributed to the action of the ice. As the ice retreated and the rock dust dried, winds carried the material hundreds of miles, forming beds of loess many dozens of feet thick in the Missouri Valley. Isostatic rebound continues to reshape the Great Lakes and other areas formerly under the weight of the ice sheets.

-- source

This ice was estimated to be 1.8 to 2.5 miles thick. I am no scientist, but if I understand chemistry at all, it would take a bit of warming to melt that much ice.

So here is my question,Copenhagers, if Nature managed to change the temperature in the past, what makes you so convinced man is responsible now? How can you justify your draconian proposals to limit and change my standard of living? Tell me agian the whole issue is not about social engineering.

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