December 8, 2009

You are killing the Earth, you bastard

Quit breathing. You are poisoning the planet. You are major pollutant. CO2 is a contributor to the coming mini-ice age, global warming, fuck it, let's call it climate change so we will always be right. The EPA is going to drastically change the way you live. Not to make our air more clean, but to advance a certain social policy. That it may wreck the economy, destroy your standard of living is just the point. The socialists in charge do not care about science, about reason, about anything but their agenda. It is about power. It is about people who think they know more than you. It is about punishing the rich, and redistribution of wealth. It is about bringing down the wealthy, even if it means giving up American Sovereignty.

There is no science that proves man has caused climate change. Consensus is not science.

If you hearken back to your days when you studied biology, you might remember that plants "breath" CO2. If we reduce Carbon emissions, then plant life will not thrive. These same alarmists cry about global hunger, yet try to regulate and destroy the very mechanism that encourages plants to grow and reproduce.

This stuff is not that hard. Logic will always win the day. This is about money, control and power. Nothing more.

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